Testimonial | Helen, Director of Anderson Brockhurst Enterprises

Effie is in a class of her own as a brand developer and Marketing and PR professional. For us it was important to have someoneworking with us in collaboration as we launched new campaigns,
built new brands and rolled these out to a global audience. Effie helped us launch Von Follies by Dita Von Teese at Target with the incredible LMFF fashion show. The world wide acclaim from the launch was overwhelming with over $200 million in media/ publicity valuation so Effie then helped us create the upmarket Dita Von Teese collection for the world…and a lingerie brand was born. Our collaboration with Collette Dinnigan for Target and Marks and Spencer were beautiful, true to brand and established Collette Dinnigan lingerie as a forerunner in the masstige phenomena of the time. One of the true strengths of Effie is that while she helps to create fabulousness, she is ever mindful of budgets and commercial targets. Thats a true skill.